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David Suzuki, Canada's Al Gore

For the last three decades David Suzuki has raised awareness for environmental issues in Canada. He has done so much to bring global warming to the top of the country's list of concerns that he is referred to as the Canadian Al Gore.

In 2004 Suzuki was named one of the "Greatest Canadians" for being a champion for the environment. He was 5th on the list, and the highest living member of the list.

Suzuki has a genetics degree from the University of British Columbia, where he first worked on a college television program talking about the preservation. He continued to work in television and hosted a weekly CBC show, "The Nature of Things," in 1979.

Aside from raising awareness through television, Suzuki has set up dozens of other environmental programs in both Canada and the U.S. 1990 he and his wife started the David Suzuki Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is now pulling in $6 million per year.

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