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Tank Obstacle Course in Waseca?

A Waseca family's petition to build an obstacle course for tanks and shooting ranges in their backyard has their neighbors up in arms.

The Borglum family would like to build an obstacle course where people could pay to drive and ride tanks, three outdoor shooting ranges, one indoor range and a retail store on their 26 acre property just outside of Waseca. They figure the money from the business would make up for the $150,000 spent on the tanks.

The Planning Commission will review the Borglum's plans and then submit a recommendation to the County Board for a final vote.

Many neighbors are concerned about the affects the obstacle course would have on their community. The main concern is safety. The outdoor shooting ranges would have a large hill as a backdrop, but the homes and church on that hill are extremely concerned about stray bullets especially with children around. Others are also worried about the noise and pollution the tanks would cause.