Analysis: New York Times Story about Suicide Bombings in Afghanistan

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By Brett Stolpestad

The New York Times story about the 14 killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan had a wide variety of sources. The sources that are most referenced are U.S. government officials and the Afghan police force. The New York Times also referenced direct quotes from a spokesman from the Afghan insurgent group, Hezb-i-Islami.

The source references are scattered throughout the article with one source reference in each paragraph. The article references reports from both Afghan and U.S. officials to provide detailed information from two different sources of information. The quotes from the insurgent group spokesman adds a little more life and interest to the story as it gives the reader a direct explanation of the reasoning behing the attacks.

The article made sure to have reports from multiple Afghan authorities in order to show how those reports from several sources conflicted with one another.

The reporter also makes sure to alternate how the attribution is set up in order to keep the story flowing and easy to read. For example the reporter may attribute and the end of one paragraph and then start the next paragraph with the attribution (Police said...). This is effective because it makes the story seem less repetitive while keeping the clarity of who is saying what.

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