Analysis: Star Tribune Article Of St. Paul Shooting

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By Brett Stolpestad

The lead in this story introduces the main point of the article which focuses on the charging of an 18-year-old suspect in the shooting of at least three victims in St. Paul. The lead introduces the broadest information, telling the reader that a suspect was charged for the shooting.

The Next paragraph progresses into more detail about the suspect and the charges, telling the name and age of the man as well as the charges against him. The second paragraph identifies the 18-year-old as Jonathan J. Corbett and names the charges as attempted second-degree murder and two counts of second-degree assault. The focus of this paragraph is to add more detail onto the lead.

The next 3-4 paragraphs contain information from the criminal complaint, giving the reader background information on how the events unfolded in chronological order. These paragraphs also introduce the name of a second suspect.

The next two paragraphs report the condition of the victims involved in the shooting, giving the reader an idea of the aftermath of the crime.

The last paragraph tells the reader what the second suspect was charged with.

The reporter chose to order the story in a "martini glass" structure, giving the reader the most important information first and then proceeding to give details from the criminal complaint in chronological order. This structure makes the story easy to follow, giving the reader more details as the story progresses and as the incident unfolded.

The story could have introduced information about the second suspect in the same area as the information of the first, keeping like material together. It would have been helpful to know that a second suspect was also charged with second-degree assault earlier in the story rather than at the end.

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