Mitt Romney Rethinks Campaign Strategies and Plans to Focus On Policy Specifics

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The Romney campaign decided to adopt a new strategy focusing on policy details aimed at strengthening the middle-class, The Washington Post reported.

The New York Times reported that Romney announced this shift in campaign strategy on Monday, outlining plans for a new advertising campaign.

In addition to Romney's plan to strengthen the middle-class, Romney also said that he plans to "cut the deficit," "crack down on China" and "champion small businesses," The New York Times Reported.

The shift in campaign strategy plans to move away from the former strategy which was mainly focused on criticizing President Obama and his handling of the economy, The New York Times Reported.

Romney campaign senior advisor Ed Gillespie told reporters on Monday "We do think the timing is right to reinforce more specifics about the Romney plan for a strong middle class," The Washington Post Reported.

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