Teacher Strike in Chicago Continues

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By Brett Stolpestad

The negotiations between the Chicago Teacher's Union and the Chicago Board of Directors has made progress since the strike began on Sunday.

Karen Lewis, The president of the Chicago Teachers' Union, told the New York Times that she hopes to see the strike end before Monday of next week while other public officials share the same hopes.

Although the CTU hopes to end the strike by early next week, the chief education advisor for Chicago Public Schools, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, told the Chicago Tribune that it's all up to the Teacher's Union to come to an agreement.

The Chicago Tribune also reported that Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with other officials, placed the blame on the teachers for the strike, saying that negotiations could have been made without taking the children out of school.

A new proposal from the district was put on the table Wednesday evening which included a new structure for teacher raises and an offer for a wellness program that would keep health insurance rates in tact, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The strike will continue as teachers and public officials continue to negotiate the new policies.

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