Analysis: New York Times and L.A. Multimedia

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By Brett Stolpestad

Bothe the New York Times and the L.A. Times websites have several other ways to connect to the news organizations and stories though multimedia platforms. Both of the organizations have links to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The two organizations also have easy ways of accessing pictures, slideshows and videos. The New York Times website also features easy ways to see graphics, charts, polls and surveys that accompany certain stories or represent a story it its own.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts for the news organizations provides a fast and easy way to see the top stories that the two organizations feature. The stories posts on the New York Times Facebook page mainly consist of short summaries with links to the NY Times website. There are also polls, surveys and questions posted on the Facebook page, allowing the reader to interact with the stories and information. Both the L.A. Times and the New York Times use Facebook to post videos and pictures as well.

The writing in the Twitter and Facebook posts is more informal and more concise to convey the main focus of the story. The posts on Facebook and Twitter are short but will also have links to the organizations' websites where a more in-depth story can be found. Also, many of the posts on the Facebook pages will ask for a response by the viewer and are meant to engage the reader in an interactive way.

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