Hurricane Sandy Slams Into East Coast

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By Brett Stolpestad

Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the mid-Atlantic region Monday, causing immense flooding and wide-spread power outages, the New York Times reported.

Hurricane sandy hit the east coast hard Monday with winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour, ripping down trees and power lines, and flooding communities up and down the coast, the New York Times reported.

Atlantic City felt the brunt of the storm as the core of Hurricane Sandy hit the city, the Washington Post reported.

The storm caused flooding in communities on the east coast including major cities. Streets and rivers were flooded in New York and Washington with an unprecedented 9-foot storm surge hitting New York, the Washington Post reported.

Large scale evacuations took place in coastal cities before the storm unexpectedly picked up speed and made landfall, the New York Times reported.

Subways from Boston to Washington were shut down with some of them under four feet of water, the Washington Post reported.

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