Mankato Football Coach Says Video of His Kids Was Not Pornographic

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By Brett Stolpestad

Mankato Football Coach Todd Hoffner spoke in court in Mankato Wednesday saying the the cell phone video of his naked children in the bathtub was innocent, the Star Tribune reported.

Hoffner, 46, denied the accusations against him of recording a pornographic video of his children in the bathtub saying that he was merely recording a skit that his children had come up with, the Pioneer Press reported.

Hoffner spoke publicly for the first time since his arrest in August on felony charges of child pornography, the Star Tribune reported.

Hoffner, of Eagle Lake, testified in a Blue County District Court asking the judge to dismiss the charges against him, saying that there was no inappropriate content in the video, the Pioneer Press reported. Hoffner's wife, Melodee, has defended her husband, saying that the videos were misinterpreted by authorities.

Social workers have not found any evidence of the children being abused and there has been no evidence of child pornography on Hoffner's home computer, the Pioneer Press reported.

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