Analysis: Diversity

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By Brett Stolpestad

In a New York Times article, Sarah Maslin Nir reports about a community leader in Queens, New York. Muhammad Rashid is immigrated from Bahrain to New York in 1997 and has fought for immigrants' rights and cultural diversity in his community. The article focuses on Rashid's push for the practice of yoga in the Muslim community. As a Muslim himself, Rashid said that he used to believe yoga was "denouncing" to the Muslim religion. Rashid has since changed his mind and now actually encourages other people with Muslim backgrounds to practice yoga as he does. Many Muslims in Queens still believe that yoga is a sin against Islam and is therefor forbidden. But Rashid still teaches yoga and encourages others to participate.

This story is written to illustrate the barriers that still exist between people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in diverse neighborhoods. The article highlights the stigma that is associated with practices outside of Muslim traditions. The article also outlines the opposition to yoga among other religious sects, including Christians.

This article moves beyond stereotype by researching and discovering the origins for the separation between certain religious traditions. However, the focus of the article is meant to show how some people are moving beyond the restrictions of their religious traditions and are encouraging others to be open to new experiences. The article gives voice to people from different backgrounds, allowing the reader to understand the reasons as to why some religious traditions are apprehensive about practices stemming from Hinduism.

The article uses a variety of sources but most of them come from people in the community. the reported talked to several people in the community to see what they think of the practice of yoga.

The article moves beyond stereotypes by investigating individuals in the community and reporting on their thoughts/opinions. The article does not generalize when it comes to the beliefs associated with the Muslim religion. Instead, the article gives a voice to those who practice the religion. The article reports on the beliefs and opinions of individuals from both sides of the argument.

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