Analysis: Numbers, "Worries About Fiscal Cliff Still Weigh On Investors"

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By Brett Stolpestad

The New York Times article published Nov. 8 relies heavily on numbers to report on falling stocks and the connection to worries about the looming "fiscal cliff." This news story reports on the falling tock values of several different companies. It also reports the numbers in several market index firms such as the Dow Jones, the Standard and Poor's 500-stock index and the Nasdaq.

The article reported that the McDonalds shares fell 2 percent to about $85.13. The article also reported on Apple's falling stocks which fell to $537.35 a share, about 3.6%. In this paragraph of the story, the reported illustrated these values in two different ways, indicating both the current price of the stock and the percentage at which they have declined. Using both prices and percentages helps the reader understand the condition of the companies.

The article also reports on the Nasdaq, Dow Jones and S & P .500 averages. The Dow jones 121.41 points, about .94 percent. The S & P .500 stock index fell 17.02 points, or about 1.22 percent. The Nasdaq composite index fell 41.70 points; about 1.42 percent.

The values of these indexes are one of the main focus of the story and the reporter illustrates the values in two different ways to properly inform the reader. The objective of the article was to report on the suffering economy and the worries of investors as the fiscal cliff approaches, which would involve spending cuts and tax increases The numbers are not overwhelming and the focus of the story is properly supported by the numbers.

The sources of the story are the Nasdaq, the Dow Jones and the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index.

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