At Lest 39 Dead After Earthquake in Guatemala

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By Brett Stolpestad

A powerful and deadly earthquake shook Guatemala Wednesday destroying home, knocking out electricity and leaving at least 52 dead with more still missing, the Washington Post reported.

The earthquake, which occurred along Guatemala's Pacific coast Wednesday morning, was one of the most powerful earthquakes to hit Guatemala in almost 36 years, the Los Angeles Times reported. The magnitude of the earthquake was measured to be 7.4.

President Otto Perez Molina told the New York Times that it is the most devastating earthquake since the one in 1976, which was responsible for the death of almost 23,000 people.

The earthquake has affected almost 1.2 million people as its force could be felt across nearly the entire country, Perez told the Washington Post.

There have been 70 aftershocks in addition to the initial quake with some reaching a magnitude of 4.9, Perez said.

Almost 700 people are now in shelters. With homes destroyed, no power and no running, water, people continue to take shelter and wait out the aftershocks, the Washington Post reported.

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