Execution Video from Syria Raises War Crime Concerns

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By Brett Stolpestad

The United Nations said Friday that a video of Syrian rebels kicking and then executing captive soldiers with machines guns could provide evidence of war crimes, the New York Times reported.

The video first appeared Thursday and has since circulated widely through the internet, attracting much attention, the New York Times reported.

The United Nations believes that Presidents Bashar Assad's regime is responsible for much of the war crimes since the conflict in Syria began, the Washington Post reported. But human rights activists say that the atrocities have been committed by both sides and are on the rise.

The U.N. said that they had already collected evidence of war crimes from both the government and rebel groups and that this video will be further evidence to support the prosecution, the New York Times reported.

It is unclear which rebel faction is responsible for the executions depicted on the video, the Washington Post reported.

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