Syrian Conflict Pulling In Neighboring Countries

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By Brett Stolpestad

The civil war in Syria has provoked military from both Turkey and Israel, with Turkey launching deadly airstrikes on Syrian rebel positions and Israeli tank commanders attacking Syrian artillery units, the New York Times reported.

The escalation of violence from Syria's neighbors is an indication of the growing tensions in both Israel and Turkey in response to the Syrian civil war, the New York Times reported.

Turkey has retaliated on several occasions in response to deadly mortar attacks on the Turkish village of Akcakale, the Washington Post reported. Turkey has also scrambled military aircraft in response to Syrian helicopters flying too close to the border.

Thousands of Syrian refugees continue to spill into Turkey as they try to escape the violence. Turkish refugee camps are now home to almost 120,000 Syrians with almost 70,000 others living outside of the camps, the Washington Post reported.

Israel is also constantly affected by the Syrian conflict and retaliated Monday when Israeli tanks fired upon a Syrian armored vehicle. The attack was in response to fighting that spilled over into Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, the Washington Post reported.

Lebanon, who has not yet retaliated, has also experienced casualties from the fighting in Syria.

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