Wolf Hunting Season Opens in Minnesota

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By Brett Stolpestad

Wolf hunting season in Minnesota opened Saturday with the trapping season to open later this November, the Pioneer Press reported.

This is the first wolf hunting season in Minnesota since wolves were taken off the endangered list last January. In fact, it is the first-ever managed wolf hunting season in Minnesota, the Star Tribune reported.

Minnesota has set the wolf hunting and trapping quota to 400 wolves for the season but so far there have been only seven wolves registered, the Star Tribune reported.

The quota for the early season is set at 200 wolves distributed to 3,600 hunters with wolf licenses, the Star Tribune reported.

Opponents to the wolf hunt lost the battle to block the hunting season but are still fighting the Department of Natural Resources. One of the opponents, Howling for Wolves, plans to prostest outside the DNR's St. Paul headquarters on Friday, the Pioneer Press reported.

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