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By Brett Stolpestad

The New York Times article published December 3 provides an interactive method of engaging in the story about athlete brain injuries. The article outlines the effects of traumatic brain injuries and the types of complications that arise including degenerative and incurable diseases.

The article is supplemented with brain scans from seven athletes that died after being diagnosed with various cognitive diseases such as Dementia, Depression, Parkinson's Disease and other conditions. The article allows the reader to click on different pictures/brain scans next to a brief bio of the athlete that includes their struggle with mental disorders.

The reported uses a large set of data regarding the athletes' professional history and medical diagnoses. The article organizes the information in a way the makes it easy for the reader to understand the correlation between repeated head traumas and long-term mental complications.

The article is an effective way of organizing the history and conditions that the athletes were under. The article organizes the reports of each athlete with interactive pictures of their brains, showing the effects of repeated trauma has on the brain and what disorders can arise as a result.

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