County Attorney Ordered to Stay Away from Teen

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By Brett Stolpestad

A Cook County prosecutor has been issued a restraining order filed by the parents of a 17-year-old girl, alleging that he engaged in an improper relationship with their daughter, the Star Tribune reported.

Attorney Tim Scannell, 46, was ordered by a judge Tuesday to stay away from the 17-year-old girl and her parents, the Pioneer Press reported.

The restraining order was signed by a judge after the girl's parents alleged that Scannell had confessed he was in love with their daughter and that he had kissed her. Scannell is married with two children, the Star Tribune reported.

The parents reported that Scannell was a longtime family friend and had promised to stop contacting their daughter. But Scannell continued to call, text, and send emails, the Pioneer Press reported.

Scannell's attorney released a statement assuring that his client had not committed any crimes or any act of sexual harassment, the Star Tribune reported.

The two-year restraining order was handed down to Scannell almost a year after he was shot by a man he was prosecuting for having sex with a minor, the Star Trbune reported.

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