Egyptian President Preparing Martial Law Decree

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By Brett Stolpestad

The Egyptian government has reportedly approved legislation reinstating martial law in an effort to control the violent street protests, according to Egypt's media, the New York Times reported.

The state-run newspaper, al-Ahram, reported Saturday that President Mohamed Morsi's cabinet approved the decree that would reinstate martial law in order to control the growing protests. The decree grants military powers to arrest individuals deemed as "state security threats," the Washington Post reported.

President Morsi has not yet issued the decree reinstating martial law, the al-Ahram reported. The legislation may be a sign that the conflict between Egypt's new Islamist government and their secular opponents is escalating, the New York Times reported.

The protests in Egypt are being fueled by concerns over a new constitution for the Egyptian government. The secular opposition of the Islamist leaders contend that Morsi's religious leaders have too much influence on the drafted constitution, Nation Public Radio reported.

The conflict has escalated considerably between Egypt's Islamist government and the secular opposition, comprised of liberals, Christians, and leftists, National Public Radio reported. Violent protests have erupted leaving 211 people wounded during a protest outside the presidential palace Wednesday.

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