Man Arrested In NYC Subway Murder Case

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By Brett Stolpestad

New York City police arrested a man Wednesday for the murder of Ki-Suck Han, the man who was pushed onto the tracks of a New York City subway and hit by an oncoming train, the New York Times reported.

Police charged Naeem Davis, 30, with murder Wednesday after pushing 58-year-old Ki-Suck Han infront of a oncoming subway train, the New York Times reported. Davis had been taken into custody Tuesday and was sentenced after being identified by witnesses.

A freelance photographer, R. Umar Abbasi, reported that he had seen Han being pushed onto the tracks. Abbasi said that he was running toward the oncoming train with his camera, trying to get the train to stop. But the train could not stop in time and Han was crushed to death before he could climb back onto the platform, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Abbasi, on NBC's the "Today" show, said he was shocked that other people closer to the victim did not attempt to help him back onto the platform, the Washington Post reported.

Abbasi managed to take a photograph of Han moments before his death, showing him with his head toward the train and his arms reaching for the platform, the Washington Post reported.

The chilling photograph was later published in the New York Post and has prompted much discussion and controversy.

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