Vikings Passing Game Fails in a 23-14 Loss Against the Packers

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By Brett Stolpestad

Viking's quarterback Christian Ponder struggled in Sunday's game against the Packers. Despite Adrian Peterson's impressive performance, Ponder threw two interceptions and only completed 12 of 25 attempted passes for 119 yards, according to the NFL report.

Ponder threw two interceptions to the Packer's free safety Morgan Brunett while throwing into double and triple coverage. But not all of the blame can be placed on Ponder. The Viking's wide receivers struggled to break free of the Packer's pass-coverage, making it difficult for Ponder to find an open man. Ponder was able to find Viking's tight-end Kevin Rudolph on six completions for 51 yards and one touchdown, according to the NFL report.

Peterson had another big day, rushing for 210 yards including an 82-yard touchdown run. Sunday's game marks the most rushing yards Peterson has had since tearing his ACL and MCL last season, the Star Tribune reported.

The Packers were able to capitalize on both interceptions by turning them into field goals. Packers running back James Starks rushed for 66 yards and one touchdown, Green Bay's first rushing touchdown in almost two months, the Star Tribune reported.

Packers wide receiver James Jones caught a 32 yard pass from Aaron Rodgers for the other Packer's touchdown. Rodgers was 27 for 35 in passing attempts for almost 386 yards, according to the NFL report.

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