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16-year-old survives St. Paul house fire

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St. Paul firefighters rescued a 16-year-old girl Thursday after her home caught on fire, Star Tribune reported.

A kitchen fire left the girl unconscious when the fire squad found her on the second floor of her East side home. The rescue team performed CPR before sending her to Regions Hospital. She was then sent to a hyperbaric chamber in Hennepin County Medical Center where her condition remained unclear, according to the Pioneer Press.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, with damages costing around $10,000, Pioneer Press said.

John Kerry approved for Secretary of State

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Sen. John F. Kerry is officially set to replace Hillary Clinton as the next secretary of State on Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Kerry received a unanimous vote Tuesday from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This is the same committee he was apart of for 28 years, chairing it for his final four. Later Tuesday, the Senate voted 94-3, making Kerry the 68th top diplomat of America, Los Angeles Times said.

"Kerry seems to have been grooming himself to become secretary of state all his life," Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said, according to Michele Kelemen of NPR.

Gov. Deval Patrick will name a temporary senator on Wednesday, The Boston Globe reported, according to NPR.

233 People Dead In Brazil Nightclub Fire

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A pyrotechnics display set fire to a southern Brazil nightclub on Sunday, killing 233 attendants, the Chicago Tribune reported.
"It could have been a short circuit, there were many cables there," band member Rodrigo Martins said, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Santa Maria is a city of many universities, and a reported 80 students of the Federal University of Santa Maria were victims of the Kiss nightclub fire, CNN said.
Colonel Guido Pedroso de Melo, commander of Rio Grande do Sul's fire unit, said that the club was overcrowded and security guards did not allow patrons to leave right away, according to the Chicago Tribune. The nightclub also lacked proper exit signs. This is common in Brazilian clubs, Max Muller, a witness, said, according to CNN.
This is not the first pyrotechnics-induced fire, CNN reported. Nightclub fires set in Rhode Island (2003), Argentina (2004), and Russia (2009) all killed 100 or more people.

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