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Meeting with Rick Huebsch - Minutes/Notes

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Some quick notes (mostly so I remember what we discussed).

We discussed 3 projects:

1.  Resource Library -- software based "check out" system for managing various resources.  Database + Filemaker software front end.  Useful for anyone that has resources to check out.  Could be shrink-wrapped with brief manual for do-it-yourself installation and configuration.

***(Christopher Stordalen edits):  This solution has PHP front-end with FileMaker database backend.  Administration interface is in FileMaker and web front-end is strictly public facing

2.  Incident Database -- special purpose incident database with communication, incident tracking, secure login, reporting, and a few other features.  Filemaker, PHP front-end, client-server DB architecture currently.  Not as general purpose but higher value for those that need it.  "Risk" in hosting (SaaS model) at UMN for others due to HR/Privacy security issues.  Value in software + consulting.

***(Christopher Stordalen edits):  This solution is currently FileMaker database only.  The desire is to build a PHP front-end.  Administration interface is yet to be determined whether it will be web-based or Filemaker-based or a bit of both.

3.  Student-case-tracking shadow database for Study Abroad programs -- process/lifecycle and DB layout and reporting for managing a Study Abroad program, where central HR/Accounting systems (PeopleSoft, etc) are not customized for the Study Abroad program.  

For each of the 3 projects, we need to:

A.  describe both a "full commercialization" and "light commercialization" model

B.  do some quantification of the income opportunity:  X possible customers, Y% market share (5%), and Z price.

C.  determine costs -- both one-time and recurring -- for supporting a given commercialization model

Once we have this data in hand (and feel free to email/call me anytime along the way if you have questions), we can together determine the best path to get this technology into the customer's hands.

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