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Moodle Online Orientations

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How to Use Moodle:

1.  Notifying participants (UofM and non-UofM) not already added to Learning Abroad Online Orientations Moodle Course

Manual emails to students informing them of URL to visit regarding explanation of and access to online orientations.

2.  Adding participants

Enrollment by central UofM Moodle support:  CLICK HERE for instructions on requesting a bulk list of participants not currently in Moodle be added by OIT Moodle support staff.

Self-Enrollment by participants:  CLICK HERE for instructions on setting up a course to allow participants to self-enroll.  The instructions can be found under the second main heading half-way down the page.

LAC staff can add students one by one.  This happens in the "Assign Roles" function.

3.  Moving presentations into Moodle

CLICK HERE to link to the instructions for uploading presentations.  Use option 2.

4.  Moving presentations with quizzes into Moodle

CLICK HERE to link to the instructions for uploading presentations with quizzes so quiz scores may be tracked in the Moodle Gradebook.  Use option 3.

5.  Monitoring participants' required orientation completion and reminders

This will happen through the Gradebook and logs.  More automated functionality will be in Moodle 2.0 version that will be available Summer 2011.
Reminders will be manual emails that the orientation coordinator must manage.

1.  If we can have the orientations be an academic course of linked to one, we can operate like we used to in UMConnect and register participants.  How do we go about this?  What academic course could we attach this to?  

06/28/2010- working with Emily Mraz and Sarah Groskreutz to get current appropriate LAC staff assigned as instructors to these courses so we can use them to manage participant registration in Moodle.

ANSWER - can't change/use instructors.  There's no one course or small number of courses that all participants "take".  Moreover, the timing of assigning the courses happens too late for orientation. (via Sarah Groskreutz)

2.  How many LAC orientations should be in Moodle?  

3.  How to deal with different terms of participants?  Groups?  Sections?  New Course?

CARLA - LCTL Project Closeout

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1.  More time than expected to kick-off the project -
- RESPONSE - we had a charge to do development for CARLA and they would pay for a portion of Soni's time to have an agreed amount of work done by August 15th, because of grant funding deadline.  Because for the LCTL project we were beginning to use new functionality, technologies, and development processes, for new projects across all OIP, we decided with CARLA that we would use this time for that setup and learning work.  Actually kick-off came November 20th.

2.  All deliverables met?  Yes.  (no reports yet, but data is accessible and reports can be created as needed.  Report requirements not specified for pre-formatted report(s) )

3.  Marlene experienced issues with some tools programmed made available by new FileMaker functionality.  

4.  Time slippage - Changes in scope, multiple development owners (handoff specifics), FileMaker 10 functionality.  CARLA felt they didn't have seriously specific timeline - just worked on project until done.

5.  Constraints -  not really a problem

6.  Communication - appropriate, CARLA approved of communication amount and level. Methods - Louis doesn't use/like blogs).

7.  Blog PHP tutorial - Marlene felt she didn't have a starting place, or how a piece fits into the whole.  Better solution for archival/tutorial would be wiki with Table of Contents.  She couldn't find the Table of Contents page.  She likes a paper manual to write notes on.  

8.  Some additional requests.
- date and time for records/requests
- search bot blocking on FileMaker Server? No, but should have bot.txt file to eliminate searches after "?"
- Do we track IPs?
- Do logs track search results pages access?  Ask Patrick to look.
- Would like a no search results help message that includes a link to help page
- Search page - always starts at the very top.  Can I get rid of the list of the test records?

Dean's Office Database Meeting

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Present:  Molly, Kaoru, Rachel, Soni, Christopher

Purpose:  Event Management Database, OIP Staff Database

I.  Events - 
- Kaoru would like to have a duplicate of CI database with registration

II. Global Spotlight - 
- Registrations
- All past grant recipients
- Electronic Documents for Grant
- Electronic Administration Document Archive (Invitations, Marketing Documents)

III.  Visitor management
- put itinerary together for Norway visitors
- come every fall

IV.  Grants

V.  Fulbright

Make "Global Spotlight" into "OIP Programs" (Initiatives, etc. - standardize appropriate name)

Investigate adding registration functionality like CI currently has live.

Add "OIP Programs" to OIP IT Work Plan.

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