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Workflow software at the University

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I have been a member of the Workflow consortium for 2 years now and am looking forward to GPS's first project going live for the Judd Fellowship applications, and quickly followed by Global Spotlight funding applications, and International Travel Grant applications.

I have been thinking about how GPS units may use this, but I have also grasped on to some thoughts I have had for years about automating central form submission processes and now am formalizing these thoughts. What kind of benefits can we realize centrally at the UofM?  I believe that the Workflow Consortium needs to "shop" the WFG tool to some central units that will affect a large base of users.

Employee Reimbursement 
Purchasing Card documentation
Access Request Forms for PeopleSoft, Data Warehouse, etc.
Vacation and Sick Leave routing 
Childcare and Medical Expense Reimbursement requests
Regents scholarship routing 
Student facing forms (Examples:  student forms on One Stop)

Data Collection for the GPS Strategic Planning Initiatives

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After the most recent GPS Directors Meeting, it has become aware that there is a need for a data collection tool to manage information gathered regarding the initiatives of the 2010 GPS strategic planning effort.

There are numerous areas where this is immediately apparent.  It is still early and I will be gathering requirements and fleshing out a Statement of Work. 

How do we track the overall decisions on how to address the initiatives?

Initial Ideas:
OIP Staff Expertise (this can be next phase of GPS Staff Database)

Contact Info (First Name, Last Name, Title, Institution, Phone, Email, Address)
Category (Funding, Educational, etc.)
Relationship Category (Alumni, NGO, etc.)



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