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1.  Had problems installing Visual Studio Pro 2010.  After downloading all four files from the OIT downloads page (, the instructions say

  "Due to the size of this product, this package has been divided into four files. You will need to download all four files to the same directory. Then click on the file named This will extract all of the files from the entire package. *You will not need to click on parts 2-4*. You may need WinZip 9.0 or higher." 

Using Windows 7.  Whether I clicked on .zip file as stated or WinZip or 7-zip, the same directory of files appeared, but did not result in either an extraction (or what I expected from an extraction process - actually, it seemed as though the first file was already extracted, but no instructions on how it interacts with the other three files...) or any indication of an installation of any kind.

1:28 - It seems an indication in instructions to double-click the 'auto run' application file in the "C5E-00657" folder/directory would have saved me a lot of time...

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