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  • Suggestions
    • Schedule a day or two each month in each unit to do software updates.
  • Action Items
    • Post Workplan (Gantt Chart) on Knowledge Base
    • Post reports from both Project Management system and Support Request system
    • Work to have both of these move to display via GPS Alliance intranet with data flowing from the databases.
    • Talk to Barbara about the reason system development has not been offered and find out if that has changed.
    • Coffee individually with each Director
  • Meet with Diane Young about CRM
  • Have Eric Schnell come to Directors meeting to talk about CRM initiative
  • Do we have constituents or relationships we can foster and possibly get funding?
  • Software sales
  • Development for fee for UofM community

Professional Development
  • Work with Barbara Kappler/Molly Portz to design tracking mechanism in Staff Database OR as part of expertise?
Changing the Dynamics
  • GPS Alliance "Cross-Cultural" internship or lunch with colleague
  • How do we get our IT staff more time with Meredith
    • Lunch for all of us
    • Coffee with the Dean
    • Retreat and have Meredith attend/present
    • Staff Meeting (monthly?)

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