OIP IT Forum - Meeting Minutes 01/12/2010

I.  Support Request system -
- Who do I contact to get on staff meetings to show people how the system works
- China Center - Kate will setup
- Confucius Institute - "Talk with directors about reports"
- Dean's Office - "Complaint - Too many emails".  "Send some more PR around what will help with the system"
- ISSS - Mohammed
- CARLA - 

How do we handle things fixed by someone in the office.  Kate fixes a setting in Contribute every day and it could help everyone.

URL for knowledge base article for the system in tickets.  And in our signatures.

Knowledge base roundup and include in OIP Newsletter.
-Make a list of 10 and Meaka will add on each week.

II.  Support for offices abroad/people traveling abroad or out of the office
- abroad - 

Remote Desktop to own work computer.
Email - What are the size limits?  Use IMAP folders
Mobile App via flash drive?  Security
VPN on iPhones and Treo
Laptops - Region Code and Adobe Reader  needs administrator password

III.  Data Security
- Staff presentations

IV.  Form Mail - something is changing (Jennifer)
- 'From' is now oipitweb@umn.edu
- Config page change?
- TF mail


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