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  • Suggestions
    • Schedule a day or two each month in each unit to do software updates.
  • Action Items
    • Post Workplan (Gantt Chart) on Knowledge Base
    • Post reports from both Project Management system and Support Request system
    • Work to have both of these move to display via GPS Alliance intranet with data flowing from the databases.
    • Talk to Barbara about the reason system development has not been offered and find out if that has changed.
    • Coffee individually with each Director
  • Meet with Diane Young about CRM
  • Have Eric Schnell come to Directors meeting to talk about CRM initiative
  • Do we have constituents or relationships we can foster and possibly get funding?
  • Software sales
  • Development for fee for UofM community

Professional Development
  • Work with Barbara Kappler/Molly Portz to design tracking mechanism in Staff Database OR as part of expertise?
Changing the Dynamics
  • GPS Alliance "Cross-Cultural" internship or lunch with colleague
  • How do we get our IT staff more time with Meredith
    • Lunch for all of us
    • Coffee with the Dean
    • Retreat and have Meredith attend/present
    • Staff Meeting (monthly?)

Staff Database - Staff Expertise/Experience Tracking

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Meeting Minutes from 4/5/2011 - 

Attendees: Eric Kroetsch, Mary Katherine O'Brien, Molly Portz, Myself

Purpose: Eric and Mary Katherine are leading the Staff Expertise and Research deliverable team with the mission "To explore existing staff expertise and research strengths". Eric contacted me when Gayle had mentioned we in Dean's Office/Dean's Office IT have been working on the GPS Alliance staff database. The deliverable team has developed a survey to administer to GPS Alliance staff and didn't want to duplicate effort if we were going to be surveying for similar information for staff expertise/experience in the staff database. GOOD CALL!

Question: What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Collect and share staff expertise in areas of research, work/education, and job function, allowing for formal and informal synergies to develop across all GPS Alliance units.
  • Collect and share relationships with students, staff, faculty, administration around the University. Define in general terms what that relationship is - what GPS Alliance initiative, project, interest to which it may pertain.

A word about collecting data...

While defining the requirements/specifics of this initiative, all involved in the project need to continually ask themselves "How will the data get used?"

It can be attractive to gather data because it is interesting, but to be fair to the people being asked to provide the data, the people asked to manage the data, the people asked to support the mechanisms that hold the data, etc., there should be defined, active purposes for the data collected.

"We might use it sometime" is not a good rationale. It can be added later if that is the case.


Staff expertise area - not a snapshot, but an ongoing system for displaying growing expertise.  Harness the collective research capacity (Molly).

Research Expertise > Work/Education Expertise > Job Function Expertise

How do each of us touch others at the University?  Relationship tracking with faculty, staff, students, and in what ways?  how we communicate with them?  how often do we meet with them?

Bios - explanation of experience, life, etc. (new staff focus?)

Educational Experience

Language Experience

Global Experience

Work Experience





How do we organize the data in main areas and what goes underneath?
Do the main areas coincide with central themes, pillars?

Basic Bio/Demo
Emergency Contact
Emergency Procedures (contact tree, any automation around emergency situations/scenarios)

Use Strategic Plan Deliverable team survey as a pilot?

After the meeting, Molly and I brainstormed a bit about what a page might look like in the Staff database that would be used for displaying staff expertise/experience information.


Example scenarios of use of "Who do you interact with?"

- Molly gets an inquiry from a faculty member or another institution about who works with faculty on custom programs

- Brook says "I interact with students in the same way Beth Insensee does - she with international students, I with domestic.  Why don't we do it together?"  This can be self-determined by staff in GPS Alliance if they have the information to connect with each other.

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