Who's going to the vendor demos?

Hello CRMists!

My hope is that you all have been notified that vendor demos for the CRM have been scheduled for August 4/5 and 9/10.

I am planning on attending all sessions.  Please add a comment about whether you will be attending and which sessions.

OIP Goals for the project

It is important that each team member understands OIP's needs from this system since we have the ability to illustrate those needs and get them implemented through this initial project of defining requirements.

At our October 11th meeting, we identified the following goals for the system with regard to OIP's vision and need:

1.  Understand and report on international activities of UofM students, staff, faculty, and administration.
2.  Understand and report on activities of students, staff, faculty, and visitors coming to the UofM from around the world outside the U.S.
3.  Partner and respond to domestic community members, offices, businesses, corporations, etc. interested in international activity at and through the UofM.  Give OIP tools to be a resource for these groups
4.  Manage ongoing relationships with international alumni and friends.
5.  Manage international agreements and contracts.

Initial BPO/SME Phase - Positives and Negatives

We are through the first phase of the CRM initiative planning process.  This has meant:

Molly -  attending meetings with other BPOs to craft strategic guidance statements for the initiative

SMEs - attending numerous meetings in which we have listed general tasks in specific processes and then developed "From/To" statements for these tasks.

Positives and Negatives we have from the process so far:

Positives - 
-Process of identifying objectives and constituents.  This is information that can be taken into each workplace and used outside of the CRM team just as a way to understand and document specific business processes and tasks.
-Broad strokes.  We are focusing on high level ideas and understanding of our workplaces.
-We are getting other department/unit perspectives and learning how their operations are similar and how they differ
-At a high level, they are more similar than different in many objectives and processes.

Negatives - 
-Things seem to be focused mostly or solely on the individual
-Current strategy can seem like we are talking about mundane, step-by-step tasks that should be givens and not talked about in this forum.



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