Initial BPO/SME Phase - Positives and Negatives

We are through the first phase of the CRM initiative planning process.  This has meant:

Molly -  attending meetings with other BPOs to craft strategic guidance statements for the initiative

SMEs - attending numerous meetings in which we have listed general tasks in specific processes and then developed "From/To" statements for these tasks.

Positives and Negatives we have from the process so far:

Positives - 
-Process of identifying objectives and constituents.  This is information that can be taken into each workplace and used outside of the CRM team just as a way to understand and document specific business processes and tasks.
-Broad strokes.  We are focusing on high level ideas and understanding of our workplaces.
-We are getting other department/unit perspectives and learning how their operations are similar and how they differ
-At a high level, they are more similar than different in many objectives and processes.

Negatives - 
-Things seem to be focused mostly or solely on the individual
-Current strategy can seem like we are talking about mundane, step-by-step tasks that should be givens and not talked about in this forum.



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