OIP Picnic - July 15, 2010


To Dos:
Meredith - Welcome, Agenda, Composting Instructions, etc. - 5:00 p.m.

Grill Master(s) - Christopher will secure 2-3 grillers by Friday, July 9, 2010.
Food prep and organization - someone to intercept and arrange?
Placecards - Salads, Desserts, Sides, Beverages (Meaka will ask Jen about last year) - (Lili)
Ask people to include ingredients in their food. (Meaka)
Map for attendees (Meaka)
Send another reminder, use local ingredients, etc. (Meaka)
Composting (Katie will manage but won't be there). Katie will check with composting people about sign template and OIP Green Team to help facilitate
Cans/bottles - recycling bag
Transport OIP provided items - Christopher (Meaka will check with Jen about specifics).

Purchasing of the utensils plates - Meaka
Purchasing meat/veggie burgers, turkey, condiments - Jen Schulz/Meaka - Christopher and Meaka will connect about amounts.

Talk with Brian or other about pickup.

Staff Photos for Staff Directory - Christopher will find someone to take photos (background?)
Field Day Games

three-legged race (Christopher rope) - 5
sack race (Katie will investigate)- ?
water balloon toss (Grace),
bat relay (Christopher bats - Liz or Uma?),

Prizes -
three-legged - 2 prizes
water balloon - 2 prizes
bat relay - 4 prizes

Ribbons - Meaka


Bowl-a-rama. What's left to do?


Hello Social Committee -

Let's blog about what is left to do for the event:

1. Food is a go as ordered. We will just cut it off at whatever is ordered currently.
2. I will pick up the gift certificates from the Bookstore unless someone else has a purchasing card and can do it.
3. Bowling signup and organization by zodiac?
4. Other

Campus Club - Third Thursday


Meredith's Idea for gatherings

Every other month. Starting in June, August, October, January, March.

Party for OIP
Celebrity bartender
Celebrity DJ
Live Performance?

Agenda - Friday, April 30


I. Spring Social - May 27th 2:00 4:30

Need a PA - bring OIP's or use the GameRoom PA - Christopher will check with Gameroom staff about their system

A. Food - Lili and Liz

1. Buffet style or better prep
2. Cost last year?
3. Last year pre-ordered
4. Flat fee for pop - how many people coming

B. Mixers
1. Cruise Director - Meaka, Pursur - Grace
2. Bowling - CD assigns
3. Bowling - Birth Month
4. Bowling - 1st round competition, other rounds free-for-all
- Prizes - Budget? Ribbons. Joke gifts
5. Dance Revolution - Grace managing and Katie
- Competition after first round of bowling
- Meredith mention there is a signup for this.

C. Schedule
2:00-2:30 food, video games, etc. - 2:25 - Meredith speaks and begins the bowling competition
2:30-3:30 - bowling competition
3:30-4:15 - Dance Revolution
4:15 - presentation of prizes, wrap-up

D. Communication:
1. Email Poster - Meaka and Elsa - Email first week in May, week before, and day before?
2. Paper Poster - for each office Meaka and Elsa

II. OIP Picnic
4:30- 7
Field Day -
three-legged race (Christopher rope), sack race (Katie will investigate), water balloon toss ( ), bat relay (Christopher bats),

Dishes - Bio-degradeable utensils and plates (Katie and Meaka),
- Communication plan - Best for people to bring their own picnic ware (No glass). OIP will provide bio-degrable/green/compostable dishes and utensils.
- Condiments - OIP provides ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, onions,
- Food - Turkey burgers, Hamburgers, Veggie Burgers, Buns, Cheese Slices.
- Food - Potluck - Label ingredients, appropriate serving utensil, try to use local ingredients

Grill Master/Masters - Christopher will ask who wants to grill
Cleanup - Signup
Referee - Signup
Dessert Competition - Signup

Meredith speech

Baking competition - (Katie)

RSVP - Meaka

Communications - Meaka will check with Jen and Elsa, similar schedule.
No Pets

Inaugural Meeting Agenda and Minutes - April 15, 2010


Here is the agenda for the meeting:

And here is the meeting summary:

Idea for Spring 2010 Social Event

1. Foreign Film "Festival" or showing at Bell Museum Auditorium - Meredith
2. Guthrie Theatre tour and event - Christopher
3. Movie and/or event at the Varsity - Meredith
4. Bowling at the Twin Cities Union

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