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I thought this was a great analysis of one of the brands we've discussed as being proficient in social media.

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Antonia in the Learning Abroad Center shared these questions to ask themselves when strategizing social networking tool use.

Overall Questions:
• What's your IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) strategy?
What's your overall social media strategy?
• What are your specific goals and how will you measure them?
• How will you legitimize the time spent on this to your leadership/the rest of staff?

Do you want a group page? with fans?
Do you want a profile? with friends?
Will one person control the postings?
Or will you allow anyone to post something?
If you are sharing UofM formal communication, what will you do about having to duplicate your efforts via email too?
• Who's your primary audience for FB content?
• Will your facebook page/presence be marketed outside of FB? How?
• What is your posting strategy? (How often? What does your FB "voice" sound like? What kind of content? Photos? Video?)
• Do you intend on using FB's system of measuring metrics? (Or integrate with 3rd party program like Google Analytics?)
• Do you respond/how do you respond to questions, praise, complaints, etc. posted?
• What about content authorization & control, outside marketing?

Who is in charge of tweeting?
How are you recruiting followers?
What are you tweeting?
• Again: what's your overall strategy? Voice? How often will you post?
• How do you advertise on it?
• Who manages the followers?
• What's your "following" policy?
• Do you want to engage in 3rd party analytics?
• Attach it to a TwitPic account to take advantage of visual imagery?
• Policy for retweets?
• How do you take advantage of hashtags?
• Is it a public or private account?)

Are you liable for the activities on the blog? (UofM Student Code of Conduct)
Who is blogging for you?
Who is reading your unit's blog?
• How do you market/advertise on it?
• Do you give bloggers topics/specific writing points to write about?
• Who moderates/manages comments?
• How do you manage comments?
• Do you allow staff to comment?

Do you have permanent real estate on any or some portals?
If not, can you ask other on-campus allies to fill their cells on MyU Portal with your content?
• Who updates? How often?
• What if you feel like you don't have any timely content to post?
• How do you measure quality of you content/effectiveness of the medium?

What will you offer to graduates?
Study Abroad Alumni- How to talk to future employers about your time abroad? what skills did you develop that other candidates do not have?
Why should you be part of their network?

Seems too outdated to even entertain
Do you have a band?

• What content do you have? Or would you generate it specifically for youtube?
• Who makes, edits, produces video?
• Do you allow comments, and if so, who moderates them?
• How do you promote you video?
• Do you allow your videos to be embedded elsewhere? Are there liability issues involved with that?

Social networking guidelines for the UofM can be found HERE:

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