January 26, 2008

What is to come

Hello everyone! My name is Hilary and I am in my final semester here at the U. I am majoring in Scientific and Technical communications. I have been in the program since I was a freshman. I have always been a very strong writer, and interested in the new developing technologies that have advanced our world with scientific breakthroughs especially with new medical devices and procedures that help many people throughout the world. I have wanted to work as a medical technical writer for a couple years now, but have recently been interested in web design and development, though I have not really had much experience with either. I have no work experience thus far in my interests and am currently figuring out what I am going to do for my internship. I am familiar with facebook, photoshop, dreamweaver, flickr, AIM 6.0 and I have just recently started to blog for, which uses the same publishing platform (MOVABLETYPE). I am trying to work out a way to gain experience as a writer by blogging about new medical discoveries, and somehow use this to fit into my internship criteria, since it would be a virtual internship. I do want to pursue graduate school through the S & TC program. I feel that the past year I have become even more interested in the program and I feel that just getting my B.S. would be scratching the surface, and I don't want my education to end just yet. I enjoy playing poker, watching movies, and playing soccer, which I did here at the U. I am originally from South Bend, IN. (GO ND!)...That's right I said it. However, I moved to Ohio when I was 12, and that is currently where my family lives. I am a Cleveland Browns fan (because of Brady Quinn of course). I also enjoy polishing my knife collection for fun and keeping potential boyfriends chained up in my closet.... JK.

I have been an avid internet user since beginning college here at the U. I do not have much experience in open source usage or even blogging for that matter, probably since I have been so busy with school. A couple years ago I had heard about open source identity and stumbled upon Dick Hardt's Identity 2.0 presentation which was very interesting. His ideas for accessing information across a vast amount of sites without having to fill out site registration every time was ingenious, and a step in the right direction for open source intiative.

After reading Connect, I evaluated each work style (bursty vs. busy) and tried to figure out which style I would lean towards more. I really liked the structure that a busy style would provide for me, but on the other hand I liked the independence that I would be capable of if I ventured outside the bubble. When I think of a busy style, I think of an individual that is focused and has their mind set on a particular goal. When I think of a bursty style, I think of a dreamer who is not limited to restrictions, but may not be focused well enough to grasp what they want because of the lack of structure. I guess in order to be successful I would have to grasp both concepts equally. The busy style would allow me structure so that I could evaluate my goals in a timely manner, and the bursty style would allow me to prod around and experiment with different opportunities that might stimulate productivity in some manner.

I am very excited about open source networking, I feel that the shift towards mass collaboration creates opportunities for companies like GoldCorp as well as smaller businesses and individuals for that matter. I had no idea that anyone could access MIT's curriculum for free and engage in collaboration among faculty about the content and actively participate in a global knowledge based forum. It makes me think that anything could be possible one day through the internet. However, with open source and free expression with blogging comes negativity and flaming. Anonymity is very attractive, and as pointed out by Zelenka, people often say things online that they would never say to your face. However, I do agree with Zelenka when she says that over periods of time and with multiple interactions, the person you are connecting with online will show their true colors.

In this class I am hoping to expand my knowledge based on open source networking, and start seriously blogging in areas that interest me. I feel that by peer collaborating daily in blogging forums will help me to expand my knowledge in new medical technologies.