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Man that set teen on fire gets 12 years in prison

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Curtis Reed was sentenced Thursday in Ramsey County District Court to 12 years in prison after he set his girlfriend's son on fire last summer.

Reed sprayed the victim, Antoine Willis Jr., with lighter fluid before he set him on fire, according to authorities. Police said that Willis proceeded to run out of the house with a basketball-sized around his head.

Willis attended sentencing on Thursday but declined to speak with reporters. Other than scars on the side of his neck, Willis appeared to be in good physical condition.

Reed and his girlfriend got in a verbal dispute around 3 a.m. on July 20th when Willis tried to breakup the conflict, according to court records. Willis grabbed Reed around the neck while two of Willis's friends punched Reed. Reed reportedly told Willis "You got me" before adding "Don't got to sleep," according to witnesses.

Willis was awakened just before 7 a.m. by liquid being poured on his head before he felt fire. He was later hospitalized with second- and third-degree burns to the head, neck, and torso.

The United States has sent another aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, but navy officials claim the deployment has nothing to do with Iran's disputed nuclear program.

The author seems to be quite suspicious of the move (believing that the deployment may have something to do with Iran), and references rising tensions with Iran several times in the story. A U.S. Navy Commander quoted in the in the story does says that the deployment is routine and not in response to any threat.

The author points out that the new aircraft carrier will patrol the Persian Gulf's strategic oil routes that Iran has threatened to shut down in retaliation to economic sanctions slapped on the Islamic Republic because of its nuclear program. But the U.S Navy Commander quoted in the story says that the primary roles of the carrier will be to support military operations in Afghanistan and help anti-piracy efforts off the coast of Somalia.

While the U.S. Navy Commander leaves no reason to believe that Iran's weapons program played a role in the Navy's decision to deploy the carrier, the author presents evidence that make the claim very believable. A person reading this article can expect to come away second-guessing the United States' motives for this action.

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