September 22, 2004

The agon then, it begins...

(Apologies to Lawrence Durrell....)

What we have are the four grand categories of philosophical inquiry

  1. Ontology -- inquiry into the stuff of existence, what is the nature of being?
  2. Epistemology -- inquiry into knowledge, what does it mean when we say we know something, how does this relate to questions of authority?
  3. Teleology -- what is the purpose of all this stuff, of being alive on the planet in this epoch?
  4. Drainage -- all inquiry into everything that doesn't fit into the first three categories (i.e., what concerns most of us in our quotidian existence)

I'll probably focus most effort on number four...I'm in way over my head on the first three. Posted by stra0549 at September 22, 2004 3:34 PM