Analysis: Multimedia

I compared the Star Tribune and CNN's websites. Both included photos and video clips to support their print stories. The Star Tribune's site features a multimedia tab, which directs you to a page with all their videos. CNN has a comparable tab labeled video that takes you to a page with their videos. CNN also has a tab that links to their NewsPulse feature. In that feature, you can categorize what news you want to view and then link to the pages you want to view.
Many stories in on both sites include pictures, especially the most popular ones. The biggest headlines on the organizations' home pages are supported with pictures, to help draw the attention of viewers and elaborate or articulate the story in ways print can't. When possible, there are video clips on both sites to support stories. Much of the time the Star Tribune's video clips are separate news reports fabricated by affiliated organizations.
Video clips on both sites are accompanied by a headline, and sometimes, a short explanation of what the video is about. Video clips that accompany a story are generally tagged on to the story as a way to provide supporting detail meant to capture viewers that don't want to read the story but want to consume the news.
Photographs included to support news stories contain captions mean to summarize the photo, assuming basic knowledge of the story. These captions are generally written like a lead. Stand alone photos and photos in montages without supporting articles generally have a short caption describing the photo, and how it relates to a wider theme.

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