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May 11, 2006

Final thoughts.

When I started this class I really was unsure of what I really wanted to do. I did get around to writing an outline of what I planned to do over the semester, but I have to say I strayed almost completely away from my original ideas. I did kinda procrastinate on some of my work and I feel as though when I look at my work I didn't do enough of anything. I would have liked to have more projects at the end. But the plus factor is that the time that I didn't end up spending on my final projects, I spend on learning either new programs or new tricks to programs I already knew. So even though I don't leave the class with as many works of my own art, I do leave with a greater knowledge of graphic arts, computer programs (like garage band, image ready and imove) and fun new twists to older programs I never knew about (animation!!). I am wicked excited about having the summer open now to play around as much as possible with the programs, new and old, and practice the new things I learned this year.

Final Project

I finally finished my last work. I really love it, I think it is the best of all of my work so far. It was all about the excussion of my idea. I again would upload this, but because it has 7 pictures that make up the project, my computer would probably freeze or have a technological heart attack. I spent quite a bit of time on how many pictures should be in the series, and what each of the pictures should hold. I probably drew about 20 different pictures and only chose 7 to actually put into the project. So even if my project doesn't look like it took a long time, it did. Really. I think the best part of my work is the fact that I cut apart the main picture and pasted it down fragmented. It really added to the texture of the drawings and tied everything together nicely.


So I flipped through my wonderful digital art book, funny, I was going to look down to read the name of the book when I realised that was its name, nothing more. Anyway I was looking through the artists in it and what not. Some are pretty intriguing. I really like the Old Boys Network. It was a wonderful range of work. From kid like drawings all the way up to corporate professional level, realistic to completely cartoonish. I like that there is variety in the work, just because it makes things more interesting. I think it brings more to the whole of the work. I think my favorite, or at least one of my favorites from the collection is the one with the different pictures of women and kiwi (what is your vision of cyberfeminism). It's just super fun.. I like how they mix them together to almost give the feeling of the kiwi is a part of the woman. I get the mild hint of a clothing add in a magazine. Plus I'm mildly feministic, so I guess that draws me to the work as well. Or you could put it as my last digital instructor did, "Kate, I think you just have really big gender issues." I guess I was just born a few decades too late.

Project 4

This one is my project for the Greek movie extras. I unfortunately cannot upload this one for everyone to look at, but I suppose most did see it during class crit. This was a new thing for me. I'd never used garage band before, which I have to say in my new favorite program. Super fun. And I have never used Imove before either. So all in all I think I did alright for my mini movie, er, clip I guess. But hopefully I can make more movies later on. I'm still playing with photoshop and image ready animation, which is comepletely okay with me. It's the simple things in my life that make me happy. So simple animations are just smashing.

Project 3

I don't really know what I was going for in this picture. I wanted it to again be simple but texturized. But I was inspired for this picture by one I saw in a magazine. They had a really awesome textured backround and then a simple black and cream drawing on top. Actually, now that I think about it, it was a picture on an ad in the latest edition of Juxtapoze (sp?). So when I saw the picture I wanted to do something similar, I don't know if it is a successful work or not, but it's fun none the less. I should mention that when you look at the picture, it is a man on a bench and he has no head.

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Project 2

I fun on this project. So I've had this idea of a woman in my head forever and I really wanted to work on my non-cartoonist almost realistic person drawing skills. Sorry, I don't know exactly what to call the technique really. But I really did want to work on my human on the computer sort of drawing. My lady turned out all right, I had a really hard time trying to splice the picture back together. It's a bit choppy, so I think next time I do a big picture I"ll just go get it printed at the print shop. I think I got the detailing right for the most part. Her shoes aren't lit right, the reflection is wrong on her right boot. Oh well.

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Project 1

So my first project is of two women, well actually one woman when she is younger and then older. I wanted it to be really simple, almost iconic. So my layout is two 8 by 10 pictures next to each other, with the women, from the shoulders up, in the center. For the backround I used complementry colors. I think it worked well. I achieved what I wanted and somehow got it too look organic in the process. So that's super.

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