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Final thoughts.

When I started this class I really was unsure of what I really wanted to do. I did get around to writing an outline of what I planned to do over the semester, but I have to say I strayed almost completely away from my original ideas. I did kinda procrastinate on some of my work and I feel as though when I look at my work I didn't do enough of anything. I would have liked to have more projects at the end. But the plus factor is that the time that I didn't end up spending on my final projects, I spend on learning either new programs or new tricks to programs I already knew. So even though I don't leave the class with as many works of my own art, I do leave with a greater knowledge of graphic arts, computer programs (like garage band, image ready and imove) and fun new twists to older programs I never knew about (animation!!). I am wicked excited about having the summer open now to play around as much as possible with the programs, new and old, and practice the new things I learned this year.