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Creative Conferencing

Oh, I love this technology! However, as expected, don't have the rights to download onto my laptop. I will try and get some assistance from our county administrative staff. I think there's a lot that can be done with the technology, epsecially with Master Gardener volunteers. Should gas prices continue to rise, one alternative for delivering horticulture education to the masses could be via this new technology. Also, this would be very easy to use with Master Gardener volunteers who can't get to the office for one reason or another. A very fun way to connect with people who's schedule doesn't work with others. I'm also thinking of using this for virtual meetings without a training component. Just need to get that software loaded! I have used the technology to deliver a training module to volunteer coordinators -- used some other technology. It went fine, but can be a challenge when one can't see the faces those you're communicating with. However, truly a great resource!