Welcome to my portfolio.

This website is a venue that I am using as a portfolio where I highlight different aspects of my undergrad experience, as well as an outlet to get to know me a little better.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth in May of 2010 with a major in Women's Studies and a minor in Journalism. I feel absolutely blessed with the education and experience that I gained through the Women's Studies and Journalism communities at UMD.

With my Women's Studies degree I was provided with a solid background in knowledge about race, gender, and class issues; feminist analysis; and critical thinking; and oral and written communication. I found an area of study that not only pushed my boundaries, but I left class each and every day feeling empowered and having learned vital information. At the core of Women's Studies is being involved in the community. I had many opportunities to volunteer at local Women's Shelters and NGO organizations. Most importantly I feel lucky to have found a community that I not only loved to study, but that I honestly enjoyed and felt passionate about. It is one thing to just learn about these issues, and it is another thing to actually do something.

The UMD Women's Studies mission statement says it all,
"We also recognize that education is as much about finding meaning, purpose, and wisdom as it is about finding a job; that one's life work is much larger than a job or career; and that contributing to one's community may take many forms. We aim to prepare students for life."

The experience that I gained with my journalism minor qualifies me for a wide range of positions and industries. The program emphasized the importance of understanding new media outlets, and gaining skills in video and audio production as well as community journalism. I am excited to start a career that allows me to display the skills obtained throughout my undergraduate career.

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