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Arrest made in Cedar Riverside Shooting

A 16-year-old boy was arrested on Monday in connection with the murder of 21-year-old Augsburg College student Ahmednur Ali.

A group of witnesses who were crowded near the scene of the shooting helped to identify the juvenile as a suspect in the case.

In a report by the Star Tribune, Minneapolis police Sgt. Jesse Garcia was impressed by the community involvement, "It shows the great strides we've made in the past two weeks between the police and community and the partnership we're building.

As of yet, a motive for the killing has not been made public.

According to the Star Tribune, “Police sources say Ali was involved in a dispute and exchanged words with the juvenile, who then shot Ali.� According to police the argument between the two was brief.

During a meeting last Thursday at the Brian Coyle Community Center, community members gathered “not only to mourn the death of yet another young man, but to vent their anger and discuss strategies for dealing with what many who spoke said is the worst crime they have seen in the neighborhood,� according to a report by local community newspaper, The Bridge.

The Bridge also explained that community involvement in helping to solve the case was a central theme expressed in the meeting.

According to the Star Tribune, the meeting prompted an exchange of ideas on the safety and security in the neighborhood. Some ideas included, “adding cameras around the [community center] and nearby Currie Park, [and] hiring security or a police liaison to work during the evenings and adding two Somali outreach workers.�

Since the motive of the shooting is unknown, Minneapolis police Sgt. Jesse Garcia told the Minnesota Daily that “[Police want the witnesses to remain very anonymous for fear of retaliation, we’re leaving that whole witness thing very vague on purpose.�

The Daily noted that police will not make the suspect’s name public unless he is “charged as an adult.�
The Minnesota Daily’s coverage was considerably less than expected as I expressed on my last blog, one would think that since this story is part of a much larger issue that’s so close to “home,� they would devote more to the piece.

I found it interesting that The Bridge did not provide as many details on the suspect as the other two publications did. This article provides a positive spin on this sad story by explaining the importance of community involvement in helping with the case. The author does a nice job of ending the story on an uplifting note, as does the Star Tribune’s account.

The Star Tribune’s story devoted a lot more coverage and detail than the other two stories overall. This included the suspect’s age, whereas the other stories only mentioned that it was a juvenile suspect. Also, their report revealed that the victim and the alleged suspect had a brief exchange of words before the shooting occurred.