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Court hearings resume in case of murdered British student

Prosecutors accused 21-year-old Amanda Knox of murdering her British Housemate, Meredith Kercher, 21, in a Satanic rite in a closed-door court hearing on Saturday.

Breaking News reported that the “court in Perugia was told yesterday Knox’s Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 24 held Miss Kercher down as Rudy Hermann Guede tried to sexually assault her."

CNN reported that Luca Maori, lawyer for Sollecito said that Prosecutors described the scene as “Amanda allegedly first touching Meredith with the point of a knife, then slitting her throat, while Sollecito held her by the shoulders, from behind, Guede held her by an arm and tried to sexually penetrate her.?

Lawyers for Guede have requested a fast-track trial, which can sometimes result in a lighter sentencing. Guede has admitted to being in the bedroom where Kercher’s body was found in November 2007.

Knox, who asked to make her statement in English, declared her innocence and her lawyer Luciano Ghirga said that Knox was upset as she recounted "the pressure, the aggressiveness of the police who called her a liar,? according to Breaking News.

According to both reports, “Italian TV showed a brief, partial view of Knox as she addressed the court. Only her hands, busily gesticulating, could be seen. There was no audio.?

According to Breaking News, “A ruling on prosecutors’ request for their indictment is expected at the end of October.?

Both Knox and Sollecito have given conflicting statements to the court.

All three suspects have maintained their innocence throughout the trials.

Both articles, presented the reader with all of the relevant information regarding the case, however Breaking News devoted more details in the case. For instance, the article provided specifics on the conflicting statements between Knox and Sollecito.

Breaking News also provided important background information about the Italian Laws concerning this case, “Knox and Sollecito have been jailed as suspects since shortly after the killing. Under Italian law, they can be jailed for as long as a year during the investigation.?