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Four-day strike in Chile leads to workers pay increase

A four-day strike in Santiago, Chile ended on Friday after the government approved a proposal for a ten percent pay raise for all government employees.

The pay increase, which goes in to effect Dec. 10 had been subjected to different amounts based on negotiations between the workers and the government. The workers originally asked for a 14.5 percent increase while the government first offered a 6.5 percent increase which they then increased days later to 9.5 percent. According to the Brunei Times, the government “was forced to improve its offer again after the Lower House of Congress rejected a 9.5 per cent increase.?

According to CNN.com, “Because of the strike, garbage piled up on streets, 18 hospitals were paralyzed and 3,000 surgeries were postponed. Even weddings and autopsies were not performed.?

CNN.com reported the number of employees affected as being 450,000 while the Brunei Times reported 400,000.

I found it interesting that the Brunei Times put this (random) political spin on the situation: “…the latest in a series of protests against President Michelle Bachelet's ruling centre-left coalition, which polls show could be ousted by rightist opponents in a presidential election next year.? I feel like in order to write something like this, the reporter needed to offer other information regarding this issue, especially for people who aren’t familiar with the current political climate of Chile.