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Lawsuits against the friends of Amanda Jax dropped

The family of Amanda Jax, a 21-year-old who died from alcohol poisoning last year after a night of extreme drinking on her birthday has decided to drop all charges against Jax’s former friends. The lawsuit is now only against the bar where Jax and her friends were drinking on the night of Oct. 29.

Blattner Enterprises, who owns the now defunct Sidelines Bar & Grill in Mankato, is being sued by Jax’s family for over $ 50,000.

According to the Star Tribune, “In its claims against the bar, the suit says bartender Beau Ryan ignored Amanda's obvious state of intoxication.?

The bar owners, Craig and Adam Blattner, have denied these allegations.

Jax had a blood-alcohol content of almost 0.46 percent when she was found dead the next morning in a friend’s apartment. That amount is almost six times the legal limit allowed for driving.

The Free Press in Mankato
reported that according to police reports, “The friends told police they had spent two or three hours drinking at the bar with Jax. They drank pitchers of “Long Island iced teas,? shots of alcohol and beer.?

“Jax seemed nearly unconscious when she was carried out of the bar, brought to the apartment and laid on her side in a bedroom, the friends told police. She was alive when someone checked on her at 2:30 a.m. When someone checked on her again at 7 a.m., she was dead.?

While I am sorry for this family’s loss, I just don’t think that making her friends responsible for Amanda’s actions is right. I do hold the bar accountable, but I’m not sure how realistic it is to sue them, I mean even if the bartenders would have stopped serving her and friends, what if they just went to another bar? It happens all the time.