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New age limit set for safe-haven law in Nebraska

State legislators in Nebraska met on Wednesday to discuss changing the age limit of the controversial safe-haven law.

According to BBC News, ‚ÄúThe law passed in July was intended to prevent vulnerable parents abandoning newborn babies in potentially dangerous situations.‚Ä?

Based on a 41 to 6 vote lawmakers decided to limit the age in which children are allowed to be dropped off to 30 days or less. Previously, no age limit had been set for the law even though every other state had an age limit.
The consensus among the majority of the legislators is that local hospitals and social services in Nebraska have inundated with older children and teenagers.

According to CNN, ‚ÄúNebraska's safe haven law was intended to allow parents to hand over an infant anonymously to a hospital without being prosecuted.‚Ä?

Jen Rae Hein, communications director for the governor told CNN, ‚ÄúThe abandonment of these children -- and the harm it is causing them -- is an immediate concern.‚Ä?

The revised law will be signed by Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman on Friday.

Although I was familiar with what this law was about, and had followed several specific stories of families dropping their (older) off at local hospitals, I felt that CNN did a good job in using several examples of this issue throughout this story to put the issues in to context. I also thought this article had several powerful quotes, or money quotes from people in the story, and the author’s use of transitions for the quotes helped to weave the story along.