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University professor admits to stealing McCain signs

A visiting Professor at St. Olaf College confessed to stealing signs in support of McCain/Palin that were along Hwy. 19 in Northfield.

Philip Busse, who according to the Star Tribune is a “veteran writer, political activist and failed mayoral candidate in Portland, Ore? wrote of his experiences in his Huffington Post blog.

Titled "Confessions of a Lawn Sign Stealer, the Star Tribune quoted Busse as writing that "yanking out the (three) signs and running like a scared rabbit back to my idling car was one of the single-most exhilarating and empowering political acts that I have ever done.''

Although in an email to the Northfield News Busse acknowledged his wrongdoing, he said that he was surprised at the reaction he’s received from people, citing that many have focused on his actions instead of his after-thought essay.

Busse is quoted as saying in the Pioneer Press, "I'm disappointed that most readers seem to have focused on the thefts, and not on the larger thoughts."

Steve Blodgett, St. Olaf’s director of marketing and communications expressed disapproval Busse’s actions in a quote to the Star Tribune, “"His actions ... are in direct conflict with the college's values and mission, and we do not in any way condone them.''

According to the Pioneer Press, “The Northfield Police Department says stealing political yard signs is treated as a misdemeanor, but complainants rarely decide to pursue charges.? The Star Tribune reported that Busse has offered to pay for the stolen signs.

As always, the Star Tribune’s account contained more information overall the Pioneer Press’s story and they were more objective in their writing in that they (Star Tribune) had more than one source.

I also noticed that the Pioneer Press labeled the Huffington Post as a liberal news site was this even necessary? Even if this is well-known notion, is it ethical for the Pioneer Press to comment?

There was also two discrepancies in the articles, one of which concerned the number of signs Busse actually stole. The Pioneer Press reported that Busse took seven signs and the Star Tribune reported that three signs were taken from Busse.

Also, the Pioneer Press reported that Busse is a visiting professor at St. Olaf's theatre department and the Star Trbune reported that Busse was teaching a class in media studies.