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Tainted pork in Ireland leads to investigation of other countries

On Saturday, people in Ireland were warned not to consume in pork products because contaminants are believed to be spread in them.

According to Reuters, "The Irish government has recalled all domestic pork products from shops, restaurants and food processing plants because of contamination with dioxin -- which in some forms and concentrations, and with long exposure, can cause cancer and other health problems."

Dioxins can easily enter an animal's system due to its food ingestion or the environment it lives in, and remains in the pigs fat.

The government issued a recall on pork products dating back to Sept. 1 " after discovering potentially dangerous dioxins in pigs and pig feed at 80 to 200 times the safety limit." (Associated Press)

The Associated Press reported that "The government’s warning that Irish pork may have been tainted for months threatens a pig industry worth more than $600 million annually."

Because Irish pork is also consumed heavily in other countries, the government has also began an investigation as to whether the contamination has spread elsewhere such as Asia and Europe.

While both articles presented similar information, the article by the Associated Press presented all of the essential facts and was written for a reader who had never heard of this story. The article by Reuters was more of a feature that included interviews from families from Ireland and more quotes from various officials in Ireland.