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Teacher decides to sell ads on tests

A high school school teacher in San Diego has found a way to generate money for his school's depleting budget.

Tom Farber, is using the bottom of his math tests as advertising space. According to CBS News, "The ads appear as lines of text - 'Braces by Stephen P. Henry D.M.D.,' for example.

When school administrators announced that they were cutting almost a third of the supplies spending, Farber realized that he'd pocket more $200 in printing for his tests.

Farber is selling his quizzes for $10, tests for $20 and final exams for $30 and the costs are only enough to the pay for the printing fees.

According to USA Today, "San Diego magazine and The San Diego Union-Tribune featured his plan just before Thanksgiving, and Farber came home from a few days out of town to 75 e-mail requests for ads. So far, he has collected $350. His semester final is sold out."

Farber told CBS News, "Anybody who criticizes this I challenge them to open up their wallets."

While these two news organizations presented the same story, they were written in different styles. The story by CBS was a feature that got quotes from one of Farber's students and that also highlighted the general issue of funding (or lack thereof) for schools across the U.S. The story by USA Today talked more about the implications of what Farber has chosen to do, and the economic impact-good and bad-that it will have on schools should they decide to do the same.