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February 4, 2005

Letter to an Eating Disorder

Iím finally ready to take a stand and say goodbye.
Iím sick of you making me feel bad about myself, so I will turn to you for support.
Iím finally ready to see myself as beautiful, no matter what you tell me.
I donít need you to be happy or satisfied or entertained or comforted. I have myself, friends, family and God.
I donít need you and I donít want you because you trick me into thinking I will be happy once I have enoughÖ.but itís never enough. Not until Iím sick, and I hate myself because of what Iíve done.
But itís not me Ė itís you.
And it wonít be anymore.
Because Iím taking back my health, my emotions, my sanity! I deserve to treat myself better than the way I am with you.
My body is a temple, and Iím going to act like it. Youíre not breaking me down ever again.

Posted by stru0132 at February 4, 2005 6:13 PM