February 19, 2008

Radiator Falls from School Ceiling, Injuring 5

A radiator fell from the ceiling at a Chaska school, leaving 5 people injured last Friday. The 400 lb. heater bounced off pipes in the ceiling before falling into a classroom, breaking the leg of a kindergarten student, and inflicting minor injuries on four other students and staff members of Guardian Angels Catholic School. Classes were cancelled for preschoolers, while kindergarteners were moved across the street to continue school. Classes will not be held in the basement of the school until the building's safety has been confirmed, according to the school's prncipal, Nancy Ronhovde.

February 6, 2008

Disease Linked to Minnesota Meatpacking Plant

An unknown neurological disease has been repeatedly attacking employees of a meatpacking plant in Austin, Minn. So far, 12 employees of Quality Pork Processors have been diagnosed with this unexplained neurological disorder. Several of these employees received medical attention last fall, complaining about fatigue, numbness, and pain throughout their extremities. These people were treated for their symptoms, and after recovery, returned to work at the plant.

But when the same people returned to the Mayo Clinic - only 40 miles away - doctors found a much more serious issue than previously diagnosed. These peoples' immune systems were essentially destroying their nervous systems - and doctors don't exactly know why. Some medical specialists believe the disease is linked to the brain tissue of hogs that are slaughtered in the meatpacking plant. These professionals think the body is rejecting the ingestion of the hogs' brain particles. Basically, the affected peoples' immune system is rejecting the ingestion of the hog brains, and since pigs' biochemical composition is closely related to humans, people's immune systems are rejecting their own nervous system as well.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic are unsure of the exact cause of the disease, but they are working hard on getting to the bottom of this bizarre illness.